Towels & Linens for Business and Home Use

22nd May, 2024 9:41 pm

Towels & Linens
for Business & Home Use

Wholesale Blankets and Mattress Pads- 1st Quality Always – No Seconds or Irregulars here. Please browse our list below, to find the exact blanket or mattress pad to fit your needs. The blankets and mattress pads on this page are very popular with Hotels/ Motels, Healthcare Centers, Nursing Homes etc.

If you would like a personal response for any questions please click here to contact us. All inquiries are welcome and will be handled promptly.

To ORDER items on this page please click the Buy Now buttons. Please respect our minimum order of $50.00.

SHIPPING: Products will be sent via UPS at Ground rates and will be calculated, added to your order and debited to your credit card. UPS Ground rates do not apply to Alaska and Hawaii.