Colored Pillow Cases

Wholesale Pillowcases and Pillow Protectors – 1st Quality Always – No Seconds or Irregulars here. Please browse our list below, to find the exact pillowcase or pillow protector to fit your needs. The pillowcases and pillow protectors on this page are very popular with Hotels/ Motels, Healthcare Centers, Nursing Homes etc.

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Please note: The specification T-130 or T-180 refers to the tread count per square inch of fabric. T-130 has 130 treads and T-180 has 180 treads per square inch. The higher the tread count the higher the quality. T-200, T-220 and T-250 are very good quality and provide excellent wear.

Please Note!!! Size is stated before cutting and hemming. For example, a standard size 42 x 34 comes out to be around 20 x 30 after cutting and hemming.

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